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Are you a Seahawk?

Friday, 23 January, 2015 - 6:07 pm


This past Sunday many of you were watching an intense football game and were overjoyed when the Seahawks won, in what was a last minute turn around.

While it’s always great to see so many people being happy (and that in and of itself is just awesome), there is a lesson that we should always seek to learn.

Our spiritual souls descend to this earthly, material world to accomplish a divine unique mission that can only be accomplish while they are here in this physical world, in this unique format.

From this particular game one can learned that every moment counts and you can literally turn your life around in an instant.  Every moment of our lives is invaluable, and the most precious moment and the most critical moment in your life is what you do right now, today.

Can you imagine a relationship between a parent and a child that was unhealthy, perhaps even destructive?  The parent and child aren’t talking to each other, but as the parent is dying - the last couple of hours of the parent’s life - they make up, and the parent and child end their relationship with a smile.

This is like a team making horrible mistakes the whole game and at the very last minute winning the game.  It’s never too late.  You always do have a chance to win the game.  Start believing in yourself, because G-D believes in you.

Another lesson is: don’t ever underestimate the value of good friends/fans.  If you have good dedicated friends who will cheer you on, even if you fall, then chances are you will get up and maybe even win.

Did you know the Seahawks are the only raptor that dives into the water to catch its prey and is completely submerged in the water?  The Seahawk is the intermediary between the creatures of the sea and those that fly.  Mystically, fish represents the creatures that are always consciously aware of their source of life.  While birds represent intellect, as intellect gives man the ability to soar beyond his shallow understanding.

When you are like a Seahawk, in the sense that you combine both of these abilities.  You recognize you are always connected to your source, AND you use your mind to meditate on this idea and experience it, then you have the ability to rise above any given circumstance that you may face.

Good Shabbos,

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